These Regulations define the General terms, principles and methods of sale carried out by the best Automax polska Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Krakow, via a B2B Platform (hereinafter: "B2B Platform") and defines the rules and terms Best Automax polska Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Krakow services, free electronic.

§ 1. Definition

1. Office Seller – Best Automax polska Sp. z o. o. 30-719 Krakow; Gromadzka street 101.

2. Working days - means days of the week from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

3. Shipping - means of action, namely, the actual delivery by the Seller, through the Supplier, of the Goods specified in the order.

4. Supplier – means a courier company with which the Seller cooperates in the sphere of Delivery of Goods or a private client.

5. Password - means a string of characters, letters, digits, or other selected by the Client, used to provide access to Client Account on the Platform B2B. The password set by the Seller at registration of the Customer on the B2B Platform.

6. The client - physical person, legal person or organizational entity not being legal person, the law recognizes the legal capacity, leading his own name business or professional secrecy.

7. Customer account - means an individual for each Client,the panel is working for the Seller.

8. Login - means the individual Customer's designation are determined by the Seller, consisting of a string of characters, letters, digits, or other required along with the Password to log in to your Account on the Platform B2B.

9. Rules means these rules of B2B Platform.

10. Registration - means the actual action performed as specified in the Rules necessary for use by the Customer of all opportunities for the B2B Platform.

11. Seller - means that the subject, leading economic activity under firm best Automax polska Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Krakow (address: 30-719 Krakow, St. Gromadzka 101), INN: 679-291-59-87, OKPO: 120368721 registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs by District Court for Krakow-Śródmieście in Krakow, XI Economic Department of National Court Register under the number: 0000267930, who is also the owner of a B2B Platform.

12. Website B2B Platform - means websites under which Seller conducts the B2B Platform available in the domain:

13. Goods - means the goods which the Seller has with using the Web B2B Platform.

14. Contract of sale - means a contract of sale concluded by electronic mail, on the terms specified in the Regulations, between the customer and the Seller.

§ 2. General provisions.

1. All rights to the B2B Platform, including proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights in his name, site name, Web site, B2B Platform and also for models, forms, logos belong to the Seller, and their use may be exercised only in the manner prescribed in accordance with the Rules.

2. B2B platform is provided by the Seller through the Internet and Web site B2B Platform, as a resource it-system and information technology.


§ 3. The use of B2B Platform.

1. The use of the B2B Platform means any Customer action, which works to familiarize them with the materials contained on the web site of the B2B Platform, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4 of the Rules.

2. The use of B2B Platform can be carried out only under conditions and to the extent specified in the Rules.

3. The seller will make all efforts to use the B2B Platform was possible for Customers using all popular web browsers, operating systems, computer types and types of Internet connections. The seller does not guarantee and is not responsible for the fact that every variant of the configuration of electronic equipment owned by the Customer, will allow the use of B2B Platform. Minimum technical requirements for using the Web Platform B2B, based on the foregoing, it is a web browser with enabled Javascript and installed Adobe Flash plugin without blocking the display of Flash objects, but files of type "cookie".

4. To order on the B2B Platform, and to use the Services offered on the Pages of the online Store must have the Client's active account email.

5. The client, with the help of the B2B Platform is not right for any intervention in the content, structure, form, graphics, mechanism of action of the B2B Platform.

6. It is prohibited to Customer illegal content and Customer's use of the B2B Platform, the Web Platform B2B or services, a grant provided by the Seller, in accordance with the law, moral or personal rights of third parties or legitimate interests of the Seller.

7. You have the right to use the resources of the B2B Platform is for personal use only. Do not use the resources and capabilities of B2B Platform for the Customer, activities that derogate the interest of the Seller.

8. The seller declares that the public nature of the Internet and the use of electronic services may result in a threat to attract and modified Customer data, so Customers should use appropriate technical means that minimize the above threats. In particular, to apply an antivirus program and protects the identity using the Internet. The seller never asks the Customer to provide him with any form of Password.


§ 4. Registration.

1. To create a Customer Account, the Customer informs the Seller desire to join the B2B Platform.

2. Registration is required to view Clients orders on the B2B Platform.

3. For registration, the Customer fills the online B2B form with the company Best Automax polska Sp. z o. o. a username and password.

4. The registration form is subject to the following rules:

a) the Client must fill out all fields of the registration form, I think that field is marked as optional;

b) Information entered in the registration form must relate solely to the Client and to be truthful, the Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered in the registration form;

c) the Client must check the content of the Rules;

d) the Client must consent to the processing of personal data contained in the registration form to provide services in its favor, and for statistical purposes, the Customer has the right of access to their data and correction and deletion.

5. Send the completed registration form, you agree to:

a) message acceptance and acceptance by the Client of the provisions of the Rules;

b) the conclusion of the contract about rendering of services by Seller in the conduct of Client's Account;

c) the power of the Seller to process the personal data of the Client contained in the registration form for the provision of services to conduct a Customer Account and also for statistical data collection and consent to the transfer by the Seller to the email address specified by Client during Registration, information related to support of the Client's Account.

6. When Registering, the Client may Express their consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. In this case, the Seller does not inform about the purpose of collecting personal data of the Client, and renowned seller of or intended recipient of the data. The expression of consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes takes into account that:

a) consent is voluntary and may be revoked at any time;

b) The client whom that information concerns has the right of access and correction and deletion of your personal data;

c) charging the Seller of personal data by removing the relevant fields in the registration form.

7. Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes means, in particular, consent to receive commercial information from the Seller or advertisers cooperating with the Seller on the email address of the Client specified in the registration form.

8. The client is obliged to make every effort to maintain confidentiality and not to disclose to third parties the Password. In the event of circumstances indicating a suspicion that the Password was available to persons unauthorized, the Client shall immediately notify the Seller, using available means of communication. In this situation, the Client receives from the Seller a new password.

9. The seller creates and implements security to protect against unauthorized use, zwielokrotnianiem or distribution of the content contained on the web site of the B2B Platform. In the case of the Seller of the above security, the client agrees to refrain from any action designed to correct or bypass the protection, or solutions.


§ 5. Ordering, payment and order fulfillment

1. The information contained on the web site of the B2B Platform, do not constitute an offer of the Seller.

2. The client may place orders on the B2B Platform within 7 (seven) days a week and 24 (twenty four) hours a day via the Web site of the B2B Platform.

3. The customer collects the order, choosing a Product, which is interested in putting the amount in this Item, and select "Recalculate" adds it to the BASKET. The client after the complete order picking and selecting the "TRASH" command "ORDER", fill out the form with address of Delivery. Putting the Shipping address, the Customer after clicking the "ORDER now" to place an order by sending the order to the Seller. Every time before sending the order to the Seller is given the total price of selected Products. The cost of the ordered Goods will be presented to the Customer after dispatch of the order.

4. Placing an order is the submission by buyer of an offer by Seller to enter into a contract of sale of Goods which are the subject of the order.

5. After placing the order the Seller sends to the specified email address a confirmation of order. The confirmation of the order a statement of the Seller accepting the offer referred to in §5, n. 4 above.

6. On the basis of the order, the Seller shall check the availability on the B2B Platform for the Client's Product.

7. In the absence of the B2B Platform of the ordered Product, or inability to fulfil a Customer's order from other causes, including the purchase of Goods from the Seller's suppliers will not be in the mode prescribed for the implementation of the order, the Seller shall inform the Customer by e-mail or phone about any circumstances.

8. If the order proves to be impossible the Seller may offer the Customer:

a) cancel the entire order (you select this option, the Client releases the Seller from the obligation of order execution);

b) cancel the order in part where its implementation is not possible within a reasonable time (selection of this option, the Client releases the Seller from the contract to the extent to which it is not possible)

c) the separation of ordering and the definition of order fulfilment in part, in which the implementation was initially not possible (select this option, the Client causes the delivery will be made in separate shipments, the Customer will not be additional Shipping costs associated with order split).

9. In the absence of the ordered Goods or lack of the ability to fulfil a Customer's order from other causes, in particular, in case of impossibility of reception by the buyer of the Goods ordered in a reasonable time, he may cancel the contract of purchase and sale within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its conclusion.

10. The seller reserves the right to cancel the contract of sale within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of its conclusion in the case that he was imprisoned during the system malfunction, it is the B2B Platform, including a Web B2B Platform, particularly in the case of display on the website with incorrect prices or product descriptions.

11. In the case of a positive check the availability of the Goods, the Buyer receives from the Seller to the e-mail address, information about the adoption of the order for execution, in accordance with §5, paragraph 15 below.

12. Prices on the Website, the B2B Platform zmieszczone with this Product:

a) represent the net prices (without VAT) and are quoted in PLN;

b) do not contain information about the Shipping cost, which the Customer will be notified after ordering.

c) do not contain information on possible customs fees if the delivery address is outside the territory of Poland.

13. The final price binding the parties to the contract of sale is the price of the Goods contained on the web site of the B2B Platform at the time of placing the order.

14. The customer makes payment for the ordered Goods after receiving of the invoice within the period specified in the invoice Bank transfer to the Bank account of the Seller. The seller provides an invoice along with the Delivery of ordered Goods.

15. The customer can change the order before receiving the e-mail address of the Customer information of the order confirmation by the Seller. In particular, the amendments may affect the volume of this order, cancel in full or part of the order, change the Shipping address or modify data in the invoice VAT. If you add a Client new Products to order that are already in the process of implementation, but before shipment of the parcel by the Seller, might affect the extension of time of the order. In case of rejection of all or part of the order.

16. The seller can place on the Website, the B2B Platform information about the number of attractions of working Days required for order fulfillment.

17. Ordered Goods are delivered to the Customer through Supplier, at the address specified in the order form.

18. The seller by phone or email sends the Customer information when the Customer receives the Goods.

19. The client should examine the charged parcel within the time and in the manner adopted for packages of this type, in the presence of an employee of the Supplier.

20. The client has the right to demand from the employee of the Provider to make a correct Protocol in the event of a defect or damage to the goods.

21. The client has the possibility of personal pickup of the ordered Product. Pick up can be done in the sales Office, weekdays, 8 -16 hours by prior agreement the date of acceptance by phone or email.

22. In the absence of the Client at the indicated address specified when ordering, as the Delivery address in accordance with §5 clause 18, the Seller will contact the Customer by email or phone, locking again with the Client the time and cost of Delivery.


§ 6. Complaints and guarantees

1. The client has the right to file a complaint against the Product within a year from the date of Delivery of the Goods, the law of guarantee, if within two months from the day when he discovered the shortage of the Goods, notify the seller of the identified weaknesses.

2. The seller within 14 (fourteen) days to answer the complaint of the Goods requested by the Client and notifies the method further proceedings.

3. A prerequisite for consideration of the claim of Product delivery from Customer returned Goods, together with proof of purchase and description of claim. The returned Goods must be sent to the address. The cost of delivery to the Seller, the Buyer is responsible.

4. In case of complaint in favor of the Customer, the Seller will repair or replace the Customer the product advertised on a full or if replacement is not possible refunds for the advertised product within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the complaint.

5. Goods sold by Seller, guarantees may be provided for the respective manufacturer or distributor. The seller provides a product warranty, which is the manufacturer.

6. In the case that the Goods covered by the warranty the seller or manufacturer, the Customer can advertise a product with defects:

. using the rights arising from the warranty.

b. In such circumstances the Client shall make the complaint directly to the guarantor, the Seller is only an intermediary, transferring the prepared complaint. The client has the option to apply directly to service or to the seller.

c. using the powers granted to the Purchaser to the Seller in connection with the collateral.

7. The client can inform the Seller claims the use of the services, royalty-free, provided electronically by the Seller. A complaint may be filed in electronic form and sent to the email address of the Seller. The statement of claim, the Customer must enter into your Username and description of the problem. The seller, if possible immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) Working Days shall review all complaints and provides a response to the email address of the Customer specified in the complaint.


§ 7. Services grant

1. The seller provides for the benefit of Clients, email free service:

. Account Management Of The Client;

b. News

2. Services specified in §9 paragraph 1 above and be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. The seller reserves the right to select and change the types, forms, time and method of granting access to selected of these services, as informed Clients of the proper way to change the Rules.

4. Service Maintenance of Customer Accounts, available after Registration, on the principles described in §4 and §5 of the Rules.

5. Mailing services can benefit every Customer who during the Registration activates the appropriate box on the registration form.

6. Service Dispatch is to send the Seller an e-mail, Customer data, communications in electronic form, containing information about new products or services in Seller's proposal. The Bulletin is transmitted by the Seller to all Customers who have subscribed.

7. Each Ballot at the head of the Customer data includes, in particular:

a) information about the sender;

b) filled field "subject" defining package content and

c) information on the possibility and method of cancellation of the service grant

d) Newsletter.

8. The client can inform the Seller with its comments in connection with the use of the above services free of charge. Notes fault to be submitted in electronic form. The seller, to the extent possible, but not later than within 21 (twenty one) working Days answers the reasonable objection of the Customer at the email address of the Client specified in the notice comments.

9. The customer may at any time unsubscribe from the Newsletter, and through to unsubscribe from a subscription using the links above each email message within the service Bulletin or by activating the corresponding field in the Customer's Account.

10. The seller is entitled to block access to the Customer's Account and services, free of charge, in case the Client's actions to the detriment of Seller or other Customers, Client's violation of the laws or regulations of this regulation, as well as when blocking access to Client Account and provides a grant is justified by security considerations, in particular: przełamywaniem Client security web Site, B2B Platform and other actions, hacking. Blocking access to Client Account and provides a grant of those causes continues for a period of time necessary to resolve the question of the underlying block access to the Customer Account and provides free of charge. The seller shall notify the Client about blocking of access to Customer Account and provides a gratuitous e-mail to the address specified in the registration form.


§ 8. Responsibility

1. The seller is entitled to breaks or failures in the provision of services by e-mail and publish a Web B2B Platform, if the cause is:

a) modification, modernization, expansion or maintenance of it system or software of Seller;

b) force majeure, acts or omissions of third parties (action depends on the Seller).

2. The seller shall only be liable in the event of intentional damage and within do loss incurred by the customer which is an Entrepreneur.

3. The seller is not liable for failure or improper performance of services provided in electronic form, if it involves third parties (in particular telecommunications operators, telecommunication networks and electricity). The seller is responsible as for its own actions or omissions, for the acts or omissions of persons through which it performs the services provided in electronic form, as well as of persons who execute these services effectively.

4. The seller is not responsible for the impossibility or difficulty in using B2B Platform, owing to fault of the Customer, in particular for loss by the Client or the taking of possession by third persons (regardless of means) his Password. The seller is responsible, however, if the loss of a Client or the taking of possession by third parties of the Password due to reasons caused by Seller or for which Seller is responsible.

5. The seller is not responsible for damages caused by the acts or zaniechaniami Customers, in particular, for the use of the B2B Platform in accordance with the applicable laws or Regulations.

6. The only source of Seller's obligations these terms and mandatory laws.


§ 9. Personal data and Cookies

1. The administrator of Customers ' personal data, voluntarily provided to the Seller, under the Desk, in the framework of the provision of services by the Seller by e-mail or under other circumstances specified in the Rules, is the Seller.

2. Personal data will be processed by the Seller only on the basis of the permission to processing of the data and only for the fulfillment of orders or services provided electronically by the Seller and the other purposes specified in the Charter.

3. The personal data provided to the Seller submit to him voluntarily, provided that the absence of these Rules, the data in the Registration process lets you Register and create an Account Customer and prevents the submission and execution of Customer's order.

4. Everyone who will give the Seller his personal data has the right of access to their contents, and also for their correction and removal.

5. The seller provides the ability to remove personal data from an ongoing collection, in particular, in the case of removal of the Client's Account. The seller may refuse to delete data if the Client has not paid the full amount of the debt of the Seller or has violated applicable law, and the behavior of the personal data necessary to clarify the circumstances and determine the liability of the Client.

6. The seller protects the personal data transferred to and is making every effort to protect them from unauthorized access or use. The collection of Customers ' personal data is treated as a separate database stored on the server of the Seller, in a special security zone, providing reliable protection.

7. The seller does not transfer, does not sell or share collected personal data to third parties or organizations, if it occurs with the consent or at the request of the Client, in accordance with applicable law or request of a court, Prosecutor's office, police or other competent authority, in case of client's violation of the law.

8. The seller reserves the right to disclose cooperating with the Seller companies and Internet services consolidated, generalized statistical reports for Clients. These documents relate to the web Sites, B2B Platforms and do not contain Customers ' personal data.

9. The seller uses the mechanism of "cookies" for the Clients Web B2B Platform, are stored on the server of the Seller on the hard disk of the Client device.

10. The use of a "cookie" is aimed at correct work of the Web Platform B2B on the device the end Customers. This mechanism does not destroy the end device of the Customer, and does not cause configuration changes in devices end-user Customers or to software installed on those devices. "Cookies" are not designed for Customer identification.

11. The seller uses the mechanism of "cookies" in order to:

a) remember information about the end Customers;

b) verification and development of your proposal;

c) statistical.

12. Each Customer can deactivate the mechanism of "cookies" in the browser of your device. The seller indicates that disabling cookies, however, may hinder or prevent the use of a Web B2B Platform.


§ 10 Termination of contract(does not apply to orders/contracts of purchase and sale)

1. Each of the Parties may terminate the contract on the provision of services by e-mail at any time and without giving reasons, while maintaining the rights acquired by the other Party before the termination of the above contract and the provisions below.

2. The client that made the Registration terminates the contract on provision of services electronically via request to delete a Seller Account using any means of distance communication, allowing acquaintance the Seller with a statement request, the termination of the contract occurs after the notice period is seven (7) days.

3. Termination shall not relieve Customer from the obligations towards the Seller, if the day of termination of the contract exist.

4. The seller delivers the contract on rendering of services in electronic form by sending the Client a corresponding Declaration of intent to the email address specified by Client during Registration.


§ 11 final Provisions and amendment of the Rules

1. The rules came into force from the date of publication on the Website, the B2B Platform and supersedes previously existing rules of the B2B Platform.

2. The content of this regulation can be fixed with the help of be printed, saved on storage media or download at any time from a Web B2B Platform.

3. The rules may change. The contents of the Charter amendments, each Client will be informed by the Seller by sending to the email address specified in the registration form, the information containing a statement of changes Rules.

4. Inform about the change of Rules as indicated above, will occur no later than 7 (seven) Working Days prior to the introduction of the amended Regulations. In the case where a Customer having a Customer Account, does not accept the new contents of the Regulations is obliged to notify the Seller within 7 (seven) days from the date of notification of the change

5. Rules. The lack of approval shall entail termination of the contract in accordance with the provisions of § 10.

6. All orders taken in Store for sale until the date of change of Regulations are made on the basis of the rules that was in force at the day of the Customer order.

7. If any part of the Terms is invalid or insufficient in light of the current legislation should be interpreted this part so that it meets with current legislation and reflects the closer as possible the intentions of this entry. The remaining portions will remain in full force and are fully effective.

8. In the event of a dispute on the basis of a Contract of sale, the parties shall endeavor to resolve the matter amicably. Law applicable to resolve any dispute arising under these Rules is the Polish law.

9. The rules come into force 01.11.2017.